Carrot coconut pancakes


Usually when I make pancakes it’s the banana oat kind, but these ones might be my new favourite!

They’re really easy, and bonus that you get some veg in your pancake stack! But they’re all round pretty nutritious, so it’s a great breakfast I’d say! Continue reading

Pumpkin bread + coconut maple icing & pistachios


I don’t really know how this idea came together, I guess I just woke up the other morning and decided to make pumpkin bread! Pumpkin and maple is always a good combo, and the pistachios were just a random afterthought, so yeah, I ended up with this!
I loved it all together but the pumpkin bread is still great on it’s own. Continue reading

Interview with Torrey Summer

While I was in LA I spent some time with Torrey Summer, who are sisters and really talented singer/songwriters, and are gorrrgeous on the inside and out! They showed me around LA and we ate lots and talked about vegan food & dreams! I put together a little video interview so everyone can get to know them better!

You can check out their most recent music video here, and their website, facebook & instagram ! ♡



Here are a few pics from a some of my favourite parts of LA! Including Olvera Street, Venice beach & canals, Universal Studios, farmers markets, July 4th (in Redlands, CA), and food, of course!

[For more LA food check out my older posts here!]

I also met the two wonderful girls from Torrey Summer, who showed me around LA and took me to eat lotsss of vegan food! My next post will feature a video interview with them! Yay!

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